Google Domains with Route53

Google Domains with Route53

Between part 2 and part 3

Let me explain how I set up the domain. This one is a little bit independent of the rest of the guide but might be quite helpful. There are other blog posts more or less explaining the same. This is my experience.

So it just happened that I bought my domain with google domains. Actually, all the domain I bought are from google domains. For example, It also happens that I like more AWS to control all my infra.

So how do I set up that I actually want AWS to serve that domain instead of using Google things?

Well you might have noticed when completing part 2of the guide, that whenever you create a route53 hosted zone, it comes with some DNS records out of the box:

Screenshot from 2022-09-03 19-26-15.png

I created this hosted zone by following my guide :)

The important records here are the NS.

Now go to the admin panel at google domains and:

  1. click at DNS on the left bar
  2. click "Custom name Servers"
  3. Say that yes, you want custom name servers
  4. Add 4 entries, one per each record you got from the AWS route53 hosted zone

The final state should look awfully like:

Screenshot from 2022-09-03 19-28-07.png

Now AWS is in control of that domain! Muahahaha. If you visit that domain, whatever A record DNS you have set on route53 will be the chosen one and where the response will come from.

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